IT Support

Computer Security & Networks is a leading provider of responsive and cost-effective IT support services to organisations across Malawi.

IT support is Computer Security & Network’s main focus. We look after our customers’ systems, programs and hardware so that they can focus on running their businesses.

IT Support Services

IT Support Services in Malawi - Computer Security & Networks

Whether a company has existing IT staff or not, Computer Security & Networks can be a valuable support partner.

From 1st line day-to-day IT assistance, to in-depth 3rd line technical support that supplements the knowledge of existing IT staff, you’ll find the expertise you need within our strong team of IT engineers and consultants.

Whatever your requirement, we’re sure we can tailor our support offering to meet your needs.


We provide our support customers with unlimited telephone and remote access support.

All requests are logged in our help desk system for our trained engineers to address. Our help desk system allows us to manage incidents, review historical issues and quickly resolve problems to minimise impact on your business. And with our SLAs you’ll have a fast and guaranteed response time.

Using a secure connection, our engineers can remotely connect to your machine and fix issues with minimum inconvenience.

Over 99% of solutions to technical problems can be delivered by remote access support, saving our customers unnecessary downtime and reducing costs.


For the minority of issues we can’t fix remotely, we can send an engineer out to your location.

We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and proactive service. So if applications or machines are critical to your business and can’t be fixed remotely, we’ll ensure they get urgent attention.

    24/7 IT SUPPORT

For businesses that work weekends or have night operations, Computer Security & Networks also offers true 24/7 IT support.

Provided by our engineers – not outsourced – you’ll get the same expertise at 1am as you’d get at 1pm.


Computer Security & Networks embraces a range of proactive support methods to prevent your IT running into trouble.

Our monitoring of software and hardware performance, along with health checks, allows us to extend the life of your hardware and give you better value for money.

We’ll also carry out regular prescheduled general maintenance visits. During these visits we’ll undertake updates, patches and other proactive activities to reduce the likelihood of IT problems occurring.

Prescheduled general maintenance visits are also a great opportunity to have an expert look at your systems and help you plan future improvements.


Dedicated helpdesk – Access to more than 33 experienced and specialist engineers.

Proactive – Prescheduled general maintenance visits and ongoing monitoring help to prevent problems before they happen, saving you time and money.

Committed to customer service – We’re dedicated to keeping our customers happy.

Simple pricing – We’ll give you a transparent per-head price for our unlimited telephone and remote support.

Scalable solutions – Simply increase or decrease the number of people supported depending on what you need.

Always on hand – With 24/7 IT support we’re available whenever you need us.

Easy to Switch

Computer Security & Networks understands it can feel difficult to leave an existing support company if you’re not happy. We make it as simple as possible for companies to change their support by doing the following:

  • Obtaining all logins, passwords and licence details from your existing IT support company
  • Getting full details of 3rd party suppliers and systems (so we can help you manage them as well)
  • Perform an IT audit and health check of your systems and hardware to find historic issues
  • Provide recommendations of how to simplify or improve your existing setup assign your company a
  • Technical Account Manager to become an expert in your systems and your personal IT advisor
Whether you are looking to take on new IT support or outsource business IT support from an in house team, please get in touch to discuss your setup and requirements