Cyber Security

In a world where cyber-attacks on organisations are more of a threat than ever, taking cyber security for your business seriously is essential..

Sophisticated cyber-attacks can result in catastrophic data breaches, decreased business productivity, financial loss, reputation damage and much more so you need to make sure you’re protected.

We offer cyber security services to help businesses across the globe defend themselves from the evolving threats that cyber-attacks can pose. From ransomware detection to firewalls, password management to real-time monitoring; our cyber security service covers all eventualities.

What Cyber Security Involves

As security threats become more and more advanced, it’s important to have a layered approach to your business’s cyber security. A simple firewall that comes bundled with anti-virus software won’t cut it anymore. We provide a solution to this problem with our managed cyber security service that bundles together all of the appropriate measures for your business.

Security measures that we make use of include:

  • Malware and ANTI-SPAM SOFTWARE

  • Advanced Firewalls

  • Penetration Testing

  • IT Health Check

  • System Vulnerability Checking

  • Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Social Engineering Awareness Training

  • 24/7 System Monitoring

  • Penetration Testing

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Safe and Regular Website And Data Backups

Making use of several cyber security measures in conjunction means that your business will be protected from the ground up and having website and data backups and disaster recovery plans keeps you insured in the worst case scenarios..

Bespoke Cyber Security Services

Our approach to offering cyber security to businesses is personalised to individual needs. We do our research before setting you up, gaining an understanding of your business, your existing cyber security measures, the potential threats you could be at risk to, and what we can do to help.

Examples of how we can adapt our service to suit you include setting up a secure Wi-Fi solutions option to keep guests off your main connection, setting your website backups to a frequency that makes sense (there’s no point in nightly backups if you only update your site once a month), and blocking specific websites that you don’t want your employees to visit, whether for safety or productivity reasons.

The Need for Cyber Security

Never before has the need for advanced cyber security measures for businesses large and small been as apparent. There are sophisticated cyber threats out there that can cause disastrous losses in productivity, data, or revenue so don’t leave yourself unprotected. Get in touch with us today to find out how our cyber security service can give you peace of mind.
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